Sibir Zapada is located in Oregon. We are a home-based cattery committed to raising healthy, well socialized traditional Siberian Forest kittens with excellent temperaments.  Our breeding stock are all health tested for PKD and HCM and DNA tested for traits and diseases.  Our foundation cats (Yuri and Lara) have demonstrated that they are low allergen producers and four of the kittens out of their last litter were placed with folks who believed their cat allergies would prevent them from ever owning a cat.

We welcome visits and in the case of kittens, do limit exposure to non-family members for the first few weeks.  Many of our kittens are placed as therapy or emotional support pets.  For this reason, temperament is extremely important when selected a breeding pair, health being a given.

Thank you for your interested, please visit our website pages to learn more about us.