Available Kittens

28 December 2017

All kittens from the June Yuri  x Lara litter have been placed.   Despite the large litter, Lara has recovered very well.  And the kittens are all thriving.

Thank you all for your interest.




Two Male Red Tabby kittens available. One is perfect for a show/breeding male.

Born 7/4/2017

Siberian male –  very sweet, affectionate and lovable Siberian kitten.  Will be a large boy. Currently weighs 9-5 lbs ( 4.3 kg) at 4 1/2 months


Sibir Zapada Fabio

DOB. 4 June 2017

Classic red tabby


Cica’s Yuri Zhenikhovich of SibZap

Hailey Gontsjarova Sibanna


Does not carry for color pointe

Available breeding/show